BUILDING BLOCKS MEDIA  is a creative learning company with offices in San Diego, CA and San Francisco, CA. We design and develop playful, interactive learning experiences for kids and kids-at-heart. We have three apps available for download on the App Store.

LIZ GRIFFITHS is an early childhood educator and media producer.  She believes in a human-centered approach to the design of all things...from lesson plans and museum exhibitions to apps and TV shows.  She has worked as a classroom teacher and consulted on a variety of projects for world-class youth & family companies including Nickelodeon, PBS, Disney, Lego, Dr. Seuss, Netflix, Hasbro, and Warner Brothers.  She holds a M.A. in Developmental Psychology from Columbia University and a B.A. in Communication from the University of Southern California.

TREVOR LEVIEUX is a musician and a software engineer. Prior to starting Building Blocks, Trevor worked as the lead developer behind the apps Dr. Seuss Band, Dr. Seuss Bookshelf, Rudolph’s Gift, and TimeCard Pro. He is also the proud father of a 3-year-old boy. He holds a B.A. in Interdisciplinary Computing and the Arts from the University of California at San Diego.