KINDERTOWN: Show and Tell: Musical Paint

Musical Paint is a free exploration art app for kids. Designed thoughtfully to inspire kids to create both realistic works of art and creative painting with musical tones. Here’s how it works:   Enter the app to meet a group of underwater animal musicians. Tap on the art easel and start creating.   Five colorful paintbrushes have a unique musical tone. As you draw with your finger (or a stylus) music soars through the app. Move higher or lower on the painting and you’ll notice the pitch of the instrument do the same. Colors can also be lightened or applied with more saturated color when you adjust the color bar feature.   Make a mistake? Grab the white paintbrush and paint over the area you want to change.   When you are finished, or want to start over, click the green “done” box. You then can throw your work in the trash or frame your picture.   Choose the frame option to add your artwork to the museum. Kids sign their name and become featured artists.   All artwork is hung in the musical paint museum. You’ll find many pictures to scroll through for inspiration. Your child can also easily share what he has been working on with a loved one right from the museum area.   Other special moments in the app happen when you interact with the underwater jazz quintet or explore the area outside the art museum.   We highly recommend you spend some time in the “Parents and Educators” page. The page can be found by clicking on the question mark fish in the upper right hand corner of the screen. You’ll find instructions, lesson plans and plenty of support features there.